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At Evolved Strategy we help leaders run successful businesses, thing strategically, lead high-performing teams, while having a deeply fulfilling and meaningful engagement with life. 


Our coaching gets strong results for our clients, not only improving the bottom line but also significantly increasing the quality of experience of everyone in the team from the frontline to leadership level as well as customers and other stakeholders. 

We take a no-nonsense approach that cuts through the limitations people unwittingly place on themselves and their organisations.


We will help you get clear on your strategic objective, develop a set of operating principles for you and your team that become the way you do business at all times, and ensure all the major systems and sub-systems of your business are running at optimum. 


David McDermott is the Principal of Evolved Strategy and the host of the Evolved Leadership podcast. He is a leader called upon by leaders, and has worked with top level business leaders from some of the largest companies and government departments in Australia. He has over 20 years of coaching and strategy facilitation experience in the private and public sectors with small, medium, and large organisations.

David was the founder and CEO of Lucca Leadership Australia, a revolutionary coaching and leadership development organisation which trained some of the brightest and most successful coaches in Australia today. 

David is the host and founder of the Evolved Leadership podcast. On the show, we talk to business owners and executives who make the world a better place. Click here to check it out.


Our clients have included Nespresso, Visionstream, Charter Hall, Emerald Coaches, Key Commerce, Salmat, Port Waratah, The Port Of Newcastle, The NSW Department Of Communities & Justice, and The NSW Department Of Transport. 


We offer private and group coaching and consulting services to business leaders. 

Some of the areas we can help you to achieve include:

  • Having influence as a leader and understanding how to be an inspirational manager;

  • Knowing how to set goals that stretch your team but are also achievable;

  • Being able to present with impact and clarity to your Board, your Executive Leadership Team, and the team/s you lead; 

  • Creating performance management conversations that genuinely develop your people;

  • Being confident in your ability to build and maintain a truly successful business;

  • Increasing your profit by addressing the systems of your business that are not running at optimum, and revealing the areas that contain unrealised potential;

  • Getting clear on the best business model that suits your business, and redesigning your current model as needed; 

  • Learning swift and effective innovation strategies to run your business more smoothly;

  • Developing stronger business leadership and interpersonal skills; and

  • Creating a work life balance that you really enjoy, that pays you well, and that provides you with the freedom to enjoy a high quality lifestyle.

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